Blind Contour Drawings

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To complete these drawings, I put a piece of paper over the pencil in order to hide what I was drawing. Then I drew the contour lines of my hand in the unique position it was in. Paying close attention, I followed all the creases and nuances of my hand, all without looking. Once I had completed my hand, I examined what I had just blindly drawn!

We did this drawing to learn how to visualize what one is drawing, rather than relying on sight. In order to feel the line of the pencil, rather than erasing and restarting every two seconds like usual. It served as useful introduction to drawing.

At first, my drawings were terrible. It was not until the third and fourth that I realized the subtle focus that is needed to successfully draw these blindly. I think my final drawing as not half bad, actually.

I learned the value of visualization when drawing, and the necessity to really feel what one is drawing and not just rely on sight. Also, I learned the importance of contour lines and how to represent them.


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