Value Leaf Drawing



1. I created this leaf drawing using an HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B pencil. First, I drew the contour lines like I learned from my first work of the year, the blind contour lines. I examined the freshly picked leaf and drew wherever the leaf had a wrinkle, brown spot, or where it curled up on itself. Next, using the different types of pencils, I shaded in the areas according to the color of the leaf, also accounting for the veins of the leaf by leaving them white. I drew the shadow of the leaf last, after all the shading was done.


2. I used value in this work by shading the darker areas darker and the lighter areas lighter. In the picture, you can see the contrast of the shading and color of the leaf.  Using the HB pencil resulted in the lightest lines and shading, whereas using the 6B resulted in the heaviest.


3. In this work, I learned about how to represent value, using different kinds of pencils, and drawing 3-Dish shapes. Value was represented by the different levels of shading, representing different the different shades of green on the lead. Before this drawing, I had never used the different types of pencils that were presented to me. There was a slight learning curve as to utilizing the different shades, but in the end I was able to successfully use them. Lastly, I had to account for the folds of the leaf. The leaf had parts where sides curled up that and parts that jetted out the side.


4. I believe that I fared pretty well on this drawing. I worked very hard on it, even coming in early in the morning to try to attempt to perfect the values of the leaf. I can definitely see a progression and improvement in my art so far this year; especially in terms of value, shape, and proportion that I never had before. To admit, the value and contour lines were difficult, but I think that I did a good job of displaying them.


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