Still Life Reflection

1. I think that the hardest part of drawing my still life was working out the spatial relations with the elevated platform and the rest of the items. The bowls and vases were on a lower level, but showing the elevated nature of the antique coffee grinder and chandelier-like thing posed an issue. Also, capturing the folds of the sheet was difficult to represent

2. I drew the coffee grinder and the chandelier the best. Initially, I thought that they were going to be the most difficult to draw, but after I put time and patience in to them I believe they turned out great!

3.   I don’t think that my still life turned out as well as the rest of my drawings did. It also was the most difficult and complicated subject matter, so that may explain why the still life was not too successful. This is not to say that there were not successful elements to the drawing, but the sheets and cube really moved me to not feel too successful about it.

4. I could improve the sheets and cube in my drawing. I knew that the sheets were going to be hard to draw, but I did not expect the more intricate details like keeping the lines sharp and defined and representing the curvedness of the lines was difficult. Lastly, trying to prevent any smudges next time would make a better still life.


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