1Pt Perspective Resource Post

One point perspective drawing is when a painting gives a realistic first-person viewpoint of a subject matter. A major aspect of these types is paintings are vanishing points. A vanishing point is a point that lies on the horizon, where the focus of the painting lies, and where all major lines move toward or from. In a one point perspective drawing, all horizontal lines are parallel to the horizon, all vertical lines are perpendicular, and all diagonals intersect. To display vanishing point, I chose a famous painting: the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. I am fascinated by all of the hidden factors of this painting. For example, it isn’t hidden, but I find it really interesting that the face of Jesus is the vanishing point, the focal point of the painting. Also, the possibility of da Vinci encoding musical notes in to the painting is intriguing. Last, I chose this painting because I think it’s really interesting how all the twelve apostles are portrayed reacting to Jesus’ prediction, some more surprised than others.









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