2PT Perspective Resource Post

 This image is a two point perspective pencil drawing of a street corner. It is not a famous painting that is in a museum, but nevertheless, it is an excellent example of two point perspective. There are two streets and the shops on the sides of the respective sidewalks. I chose this picture because it is an obvious example of two point perspective that I would not have otherwise noticed.  I have seen many cityscapes similar to this one and seen in everyday life scenes similar to this in Phoenix. Secondly, I chose this drawing because it looks like it was done by an art student, similar to me and my classmates. It serves as an laudable example of what to aim to draw when I attempt to create my own two point perspective in the class. In order to draw a two point perspective drawing, first one needs to select a horizon line, or a horizontal line that goes across the entire sketch. Second, because this is a two point perspective, put two individual points on the line. Last, when it comes time to draw, all lines on one side will go to its adjacent point, and all the lines on the other will go to their adjacent point.


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