color triad: Three colors spaced equally apart on the color wheel that form an equilateral triangle

chiaroscuro:An effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly on a form or object

primary colors: Any of a group of colors from which all other colors can be obtained by mixing (red, yellow, and blue)

secondary colors: A color resulting from the mixing of two primary colors.

tertiary colors: A tertiary color is a color made by mixing one primary color with one secondary color

hue: A color or shade

intermediates: A color made by the result of mixing primary and secondary colors

monochromatic:one color

value: The relative degree of lightness or darkness of a particular color

intensity: brightness or dullness

complimentary: Colors directly opposite each other in the color spectrum

colors: One, or any mixture, of the constituents into which light can be separated in a spectrum or rainbow, sometimes including (loosely) black and white

warm colors: The family of colors that includes reds, yellows, and oranges. Warm colors bring to mind warm things, places, and feelings

cool colors: The family of colors that includes greens, blues, and violets. Cool colors bring to mind cool things, places, and feelings.

The Starry Night
van Gogh

Starry Night, as completed by Van Gogh in 1889 displays numbers examples of the definitions I previously listed. At first glance, one notices the cool colored sky that provides a background for the painting. The moon is painted in an intense yellow, which is complimentary to blue. Most of the background in this painting is of primary colors; predominantly yellow and blue are used. Van Gogh uses dark hues of colors in order to show the shadowy night of the castle. Not many warm colors are used in this painting, with the exception of the stars and the moon. The fact that the whole painting is cool save those features really makes the warmth of the stars and moon pop. For a lot of the painting, Van Gogh used blue in an almost monochromatic fashion; it covers the sky, the town , and even the adjacent rolling hills. As this is one of my favorite paintings, it is interesting to see the details about the color use that I would never have otherwise known.


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