My Thing-o-Matic Object


To begin in the process of creating my sketch-up work, I made a 2”x2” box for the size parameters of my object. Those parameters were the class’s printing restrictions due to time restraints and the maker-bot itself. Next, I decided I would create a cross. It would have to be created on its side so that it could be printer. I began with the legs and arms of the cross, soon to be followed two concentric circles to add to the Celtic cross idea. As a finishing touch, I added a geometric/floral design on the intersection of cross’s legs and inside the innermost concentric circle. I raised it so that it would be easily seen when printed. Once I was done, I deleted the 2”x2” box and made my creation a “component” of the sketch-up document. I was not quite ready to print yet, however. I had to download a plug-in for sketch-up that allowed me to convert the sketch-up file into a “stl” file. Next, I sent the file to Mr. Lewkotwitz. Miraculously, the next day I found it completed. It ended up well – the cross and decoration turned out great.


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