The piece of Pompeian art I chose is a fresco, assumedly from a home. This fresco was made by painting directly on to wet plaster, a common Roman technique from which was borrowed from the Greeks. This painting is of a gladiator having his wounds tended to while he is standing with perhaps his assistant and a topless woman. I chose this fresco because I can imagine it on the wall of a luxurious villa in Pompeii. The impact of time and the fateful eruption has put cracks in the painting, adding to the ancient effect. Second, I chose this painting because it is the quintessential Roman piece of art; it shows the infamous Roman gladiator and formidable Roman guards looming in the background.  I wonder if it was painted while thinking of the fights of the Coliseum or Pompeii’s own amphitheater. Roman history is one of my very favorite periods of history to study and I find this example of Roman art quite intriguing.










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